Welcome to Fieldstream Village

An exciting new project by MMI Development.

This premier community will offer luxury apartments centered around a village-type commercial center and two community squares.

The Fieldstream Village plan is unique. The 40-acre site first must be cleared of an old Orange County landfill, where trash was dumped 40 to 50 years ago. Lake Underhill Road, which today is over-burdened with traffic, needs more lanes and other techniques to keep traffic flowing.

Our plan addresses all of these matters. The good news: The environmental issues associated with the dump and Lake Underhill’s traffic woes can be solved if a public-private partnership can be struck to tackle these problems. That’s our goal, and your support will be crucial.

In 2022, we will seek approval from Orange County. Your support will be vital toward encouraging local officials to approve this plan. Click here to receive regular news updates about Fieldstream Village and about the crucial dates coming up in the months ahead.

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Landfill remediation

Clean up an Orange County dump that operated between 1964 and 1980.

Modernize the road

Widen Lake Underhill Road between Dean and Rouse Roads to fix traffic congestion. It's long overdue.

The traffic count

Lake Underhill Road is insufficient for the 25,500 cars / day that currently use the road. It will only get worse as the number of cars continues to climb.

Fix left-hand turns

Residents have shared with us their difficulty in making a left-hand turn onto Lake Underhill Rd. Sometimes, they have to wait 5-10 minutes for a gap in traffic during certain times of the day.

Keep traffic flowing

The modernization of Lake Underhill Road will widen it to a 4-lane road, and add two traffic calming devices (roundabouts) that will keep traffic moving while allowing others to enter the flow of traffic safely.