Landfill Remediation

The former Cloyd’s Dairy Landfill operated from 1964 to 1980. MMI is proposing to completely excavate the old dump and remove any future environmental liability before beginning construction. (Plan currently being revised based on Orange County Feedback)

How it all started…

  • On March 23, 1964, J.S. Cloyd and his wife Agnes Cloyd signed an agreement with Orange County granting the County the right to use a portion of their dairy farm for the purpose of a “sanitary landfill” for disposal of garbage collected throughout the County.
  • No fee or rental was paid by the County to the Cloyd’s

Cloyd’s Dairy Landfill in 1970


Cloyd’s Dairy Landfill in 1974

Lake Underhill Road Development

land donation imageOn September 21, 1982, John & Vincent Cloyd signed an Agreement with Orange County to donate land for the development of Lake Underhill Road and its associated right-of-way and drainage easements

Orange County paid the Cloyd’s $10 for the land

Aerial Photograph

Depicting new LUH Road (note former landfill areas north and south of LUH Road)

Groundwater Quality

  • Orange County has been monitoring the quality of the groundwater within and around the former Cloyd’s landfill since 1983
  • Contaminants of concern are benzene, vinyl chloride, and ammonia
  • Groundwater monitoring wells are located both within the boundaries of the former Cloyd’s property and offsite within the Heritage Oaks, Dean Woods Reserve, Fieldstream North, and Fieldstream West residential subdivisions
  • The most recent groundwater monitoring event was in December 2020

Current Locations of Orange County’s Groundwater Monitoring Wells