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To Whom It May Concern:

With my signature below on this electronic petition, I wish to affirm that I support the project known as Fieldstream Village as it goes before the Orange County Board of County Commissioners.

Here are the reasons I support Fieldstream Village. It will result in:

  • The cleanup and remediation of the old Orange County dump that lies underneath the subject property. The trash that lies underneath the cow pasture pollutes the groundwater in the vicinity. Cleaning it up will remove an environmental hazard.
  • A widened Lake Underhill Road. We need a four-laned road in front with roundabouts that keep traffic flowing smoothly at all times.
  • A vibrant commercial center with shops and restaurants around two common green areas.

I believe that all of the above will improve our quality of life for all the residents along Lake Underhill Road and it will improve the value of our homes.

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